Find Out Which Ascended Master To Call Upon For Assistance


Ascended Masters are enlightened souls that are accessible to us to call upon for guidance, healing, and wisdom. Almost all of the Ascended Masters have spent a physical life here on planet Earth. 

Through overcoming their human challenges, they achieved a high level of spiritual enlightenment. It is said that they achieved their Mighty I AM Presence, which is also known as the true ascension of the soul. 

Find out which Ascended Master's light and guidance would benefit you the most at this time by selecting the image that you resonate most with.


1. Saint Hilarion - Saint Hilarion was known as the bringer of Truth and for using scientic information to assist in validating facts. Oracles in Delphi focused on connecting with this master to bring in universal truths and wisdom. Call upon Hilarion to help you get to the truth of matters and that all truths are validated through concrete facts.


2. Saint Germain - Saint Germain was a master alchemist and assists those who are ready to embark on new endeavors. Many call upon him for guidance and assistance when they need that extra oomph, a really big gun to push forward when recreating and reinventing themselves.  Use this powerful mantra of the Violet Flame to make things happen; "I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires".  


3. El Morya - If you are seeking answers in regards to your life purpose, then El Morya is the Ascended Master to call upon to bring to you confidence, faith, willpower, understanding of your life path. His energy is masculine, confident, assertive, disciplined, and in control of his emotions, his thoughts and his actions. One might say he would be The Emperor in the traditional tarot deck. El Morya will help you move forward on your life path with confidence and assertiveness.

About the Author: For the past 20 years Laurie Barraco has worked on her spiritual side by studying with many Master Teachers, such as Sonia Choquette and John Holland. Laurie opened The Mystical Moon in December 2007. Laurie is an intuitive channel and can access information from your spirit guides and angels to help you move through whatever challenges life has presented before you. Private Sessions are available at by appointment. Follow her on Facebook. This article was shared with the author's explicit written permission.