What Is The Significance of Your Life Path Number?


Did you know that your life path number is derived from your birth date and reveals tons of information about you and your individual life path? You are able to utilize the positive traits of your number and transform the negative aspects of your number as well. The formula to calculate your life path number is quite simple.

Formula To Calculate Your Life Path Number:


  • Your Life Path number is calculated by adding up the numbers that make up your birthdate

  • Break down the month, day and year to single digits by adding them together

  • Add all the remaining numbers together until you have a single number

  • Master numbers are not converted to single numbers – (11, 22, 33)

Life Path Traits

1.) Positive Attributes – Natural leadership skills, loves the spotlight, ambitious, motivated and an original thinker.

Challenges – Bossy at times, undisciplined, stubborn and weak.

2.) Positive Attributes – The peacemaker, diplomatic, deep thinker, honest and a creature of habit and has excellent communication skills.

Challenges – Very sensitive to criticism, may be indecisive at times and unmotivated.

3.) Positive Attributes – Strong creative and communication skills, warm, friendly and very social and very caring disposition.

Challenges – Scattered at times, can be an escapist at times, vain, complainer and frivolous.

4.) Positive Attributes - Very practical, down to earth and trustworthy, master builder, loyal and devoted, strong willpower and a builder of society.

Challenges –  Stubborn, lackluster personality, stuck in minor details and sometimes speaks without thinking.

5.) Positive Attributes –  Adventurous, flexible, witty, courageous, romantic and loves freedom.

Challenges – Has a tendency to be careless, self-indulgent, unstable and irresponsible.

6.) Positive Attributes – Protective, compassionate, loyal, fair, responsible, excellent healers and teachers and sympathetic.

Challenges – Jealous, paranoid, cynical and overly protective.

7.)  Positive Attributes – Spiritual, intuitive, intelligent, gracious, focused, disciplined and wise.

Challenges – Sarcastic, runs from confrontation, aloof, awkward and dishonest. ​

8.) Positive Attributes – Business-minded, financially smart, thrives in leadership/management roles, strong leaders, your love life is a priority and you make sure that it is fulfilling.

Challenges – Obsessed with financial and material gain, worries too much about the opinion of others and may isolate self as an escape.

9.) Positive Attributes – Humanitarian, compassionate, very independent, friendly charitable, philosophical, artistic and often are spiritual leaders, judges, and teachers.

Challenges – May find difficulty with the balance in relationships, fickle, cold and maybe extremely harsh with those who are selfish.

Master Numbers 

11 – Positive Attributes – Most intuitive of all numbers, has faith and is charismatic.

Challenges – Shy, withdrawn, self-sabotage, struggles with communication skills, emotional imbalances and scattered.

22 – Positive Attributes – Excellent at manifestation, disciplined, confident and ambitious.

Challenges – At times extremely hard on self, not recognizes self-potential, impractical and is unable to put self first. 

33 – Positive Attributes – Humanitarian and extremely motivated, sympathetic and very logical.

Challenges – Extremely egotistical, lose self when helping others, talks down to others and very competitive. 

When I am working alongside others, I take a look at our Life Path numbers to see if we are compatible. I take into consideration the combined strengths as well as the possible challenges that may come up as we work together.


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About the Author: For the past 20 years Laurie Barraco has worked on her spiritual side by studying with many Master Teachers, such as Sonia Choquette and John Holland. Laurie opened The Mystical Moon in December 2007. Laurie is an intuitive channel and can access information from your spirit guides and angels to help you move through whatever challenges life has presented before you. Private Sessions are available at LaurieBarraco.com by appointment. Follow her on Facebook. This article was shared with the author's explicit written permission.