Not Sure If You're An Empath: Answer These 26 Questions

By Denise Roberge

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An “Empath” has great empathy, but also a constellation of profound characteristics that set them apart from “someone who is empathetic”.  No two Empaths are exactly alike, but all have amazing gifts of compassion and intuition to share in powerful ways, once any challenges that may exist are first overcome.

Answer the questions below to determine if you are an Empath. This awareness can be the key to opening the door to increased self-awareness, peace, and empowerment.

Count the number of “yes” responses.  A yes would apply if the question ever applied to you in a serious way, even if you have “outgrown” that position.

Answer these 26 questions below:

1. Do you know things about people that they have never told you about?

2. Is it common for you to have feelings or impressions the instant you are introduced to someone?

3.  Have you ever felt or been told that you were just “too sensitive”.

4.  Can you spot a phony or a hypocrite right away?

5.  Are you highly compassionate, nurturing, and tend to want to help others, even at the expense of your own well-being?

6. Do you feel other people’s physical or emotional pain in your own body, heart, or mind?

7. Do you know how animals are feeling and what they need instinctively?

8. Are you often overwhelmed in crowds, stores, parties, or other large gatherings? 

9. Are you a loner, a daydreamer, often prefer solitude to the company of others?

10. Have you ever been told that you have anxiety, social phobia, depression, or bipolar disorder?

11. Do you find yourself in a state of rage, when others might feel minor annoyance or irritation?

12. Do you have a tendency to find relief or escape in substance abuse, gambling, overeating, or other compulsive behaviors?

13. Are you a devoted and passionate artist, singer, musician, poet, writer, dancer, actor?

14. Are you fascinated by spirituality, psychic phenomena, and metaphysics?

15. Are many people drawn to you, want to be around you often, find you totally lovable?

16. Is it sometimes difficult to know what feelings are yours and what is someone else?

17. Have you ever been unsuccessfully treated for mental illness through traditional therapy or psychiatry?

18. Do you ever have an impulsive and uncontrollable urge to flee from a person, a group, or a place for no apparent or obvious reason?

19. Is it difficult to sleep with someone else in the bed or bedroom?

20. Do the days of the week have a “special” feeling to you?

21. Are you intensely annoyed or enraged by self-serving, egotistical, or narcissistic people?

22. Is it practically impossible to understand why anyone wouldn’t be open minded, kind, tolerant and caring? 

23. Do you react very strongly (anger, rage, absolute intolerance) to injustice of any kind, such as racism, homophobia, domestic violence, child abuse, animal abuse, abuse of natural resources and the like?

24. Have you ever been told you were moody, shy, distant, cold, or unapproachable?

25. Is working in a job with rigid structure, many bosses, lots of rules and no room for creativity or autonomy impossible for you to endure for more than a very short time?

26. Do you often take on the role of peacemaker?


If you answered Yes to:

00 - 08  You have an average empathetic ability 
09 -15   You have an above-average empathetic ability 
16 - 26  You are an Empath superstar and possess extreme empathetic ability


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Rev. Denise M. Roberge is a lifelong Empath and spiritual intuitive.  She is an ordained Metaphysical Minister who spent over 30 years in Social Work.  Rev. Denise is a Spiritual Coach, teacher, intuitive reader, energy healer, medium/channel, writer and inspirational speaker.  Part of her mission is to assist awakening Empaths and others overcome their blocks and find access to their extraordinary gifts! Contact Rev. Denise to set up an appointment in person or via telephone. Articles written by Denise were published with the author's explicit written permission.