Mysterious Secretive Scorpio


There is probably no more mysterious sign than that of Scorpio.  Highly sensitive and extraordinarily secretive, there is a depth to Scorpio that is unfathomable. 

Scorpio is a water sign, meaning it is driven by its emotions. Whereas Cancer is the water sign associated with the shoreline where earth meets the ocean, Scorpio is associated with underground water. 

Hidden in the dark caverns under the earth.  We know these caverns exist yet we don’t really know how deep they are and there are few brave enough to find out. The phrase ‘Still water runs deep’ is a phrase that describes the Scorpio to the T. ​

The phrase associated with Scorpio is I desire and so Scorpio is famous and infamous for it’s desirous nature. There is a misconception about Scorpio and intimacy. Scorpios do love to be intimate with another, yet they are quite discriminating. They know what they desire and that’s that. Because they are water signs, the act of physical merging is not simply a biological function (that’s more in line with Taurus) but it is a deeply emotional experience, hence the selective nature of Scorpio.

The thing is with Scorpio is if they do choose you then you are in… for life. This is not a sign to be toyed with and God forbid you betray them, that my friends is an unenviable position.  

The core of the Scorpio experience is transformation. So Scorpios come into this life destined to transform. The most recognizable symbol for Scorpio, the Scorpion is but one of three symbols associated with Scorpio, reflecting the ever shifting and changing spirit of this sign. The other symbols are of the Eagle, symbolizing the ascension of spirit and the ability to see both the big picture and the tiniest of details. Nothing escapes the watchful eye of Scorpio.  And the other symbol is the Phoenix, the bird of resurrection, that is born again out of the ashes of it’s last incarnation. And Scorpios will often have these type of experiences in their life .

In Scorpio we can experience the extremes of human relating. The highest  and most sacred of relationship as well as some of the more negative ones,  such as manipulation, vengeance, and jealousy.   There is very little middle ground in Scorpio as they tend to stay on one side of that fence or the other. This is why you often hear horror stories about Scorpio.  Most Scorpios are wonderfully loving and generous yet even the ‘good one’s can err on the side of possessiveness. And it’s not about fearing Scorpios, it’s about respecting them. It isn’t easy being incarnated into life as a Scorpio, yet it is part of the human experience we must all eventually pass through.

So despite their enigmatic nature, Scorpios, like all signs, what to be loved. If you are selected, you are in for transformational experience for sure. And know that no one will love you deeper than a Scorpio let‘s just hope you have the constitution for it.

About the Author: Dr. Victoria Scerbo graduated New York Chiropractic College in 1987. She began private practice in Massachusetts in 1991.  She opened The Seeds of Transformation Healing Center in Wareham, in April of 2009. Dr. Scerbo practices Chiropractic, Craniosacral Therapy and Astrology at her Center. She brings a unique blend of Evolutionary, or Soul Centered Astrology and The Kabbalistic Tree of Life to her readings. Articles written by Dr. Victoria Scerbo were published on Awakening People with her explicit written permission