Indigo Child


Since the concept of the Indigo Child became well known many parents, teenagers, and young adults have been able to really identify with the traits and characteristics. While no one wants to label anyone, especially children, those who resonate with this concept feel a deeper understanding, less alone, more empowered and have a sense of comfort in not feeling as alienated and misunderstood.

The term Indigo Child was attributed to the color related to the third eye chakra which is the predominant color of their aura. The third eye is associated with intuition, spiritual insight, and enlightenment. Many Indigo children are gifted with being very intuitive, highly perceptive, and spiritually awakened from a very early age. They can also be highly empathic and easily pick up on what others are thinking and feeling. Until they learn how to shield themselves they will have a tendency to absorb and take on the energies that are around them. Many of these children are able to see angels, spirits, and beyond the veil of usual human perception, thus many have disturbed sleep patterns.

Indigo Children are often referred to as wise beyond their years or old souls. From a very young age they start communicating at an advanced level and amaze others with their insight and knowledge. While it has nothing to do with IQ level or intelligence they just have a natural awareness and acute perception. 

In fact, many are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and similar conditions of this nature. They tend to learn in their own unique style and have a difficult time being expected to conform to society's rigid standards. 

They require a variety of teaching methods to accommodate their unique learning style that will assist them in comprehension and retention since processing information takes place in a variety of ways.

Indigo's tend to be highly sensitive, lack impulse control, and social etiquette. They can be very introverted, due to their sensitive nature, and tend to become over stimulated easily due to sensory overload and will go inward to avoid harsh environments, negative energy, and unpleasant experiences. On the flipside, they may be very extroverted since they have such high energy, crave immediate gratification. They have a life purpose which includes bringing a higher awareness to society to shift it away from the old, outmoded paradigms that no longer work or benefit us into one that is more enlightened and fair.

You can identify an Indigo by their charisma, charm, and keen wit and insight. It doesn't matter if they are a toddler or a teen. I would like to say Indigo's shine brightly, though most cannot see their aura but we can easily sense it by how we feel being around them. Their presence makes one feel good, brings happiness, and makes you just want to smile. You can sense their originality, and feel they are very loving, warm, genuine beings.

When an Indigo becomes angry and frustrated with “the system” whether at home or in school they will challenge authority. If it doesn't go along with what they perceive as being valid, fair, and productive they will become defiant. They have no problem speaking out, taking charge, and causing waves if they feel that their viewpoint is not being understood. Once they become adamant against doing something it is nearly impossible to change their mind if they feel it is unjust or goes against their set of ethics and values. They are all about authenticity and if what they are seeing isn't in alignment with what they think is right they will lash out!

They are also highly creative, active people who need an outlet for their energy. They need to be challenged, inspired, and stimulated in a way that teaches them to channel their energy more productively. What an Indigo can create and conceptualize is filled with unlimited potential when nurtured in an environment that is conducive for learning and creative expression. The environment at both home and school needs to be a structured, loving place with a strict set of rules with rewards and consequences that are clearly stated and easily defined.  There needs to be consistency, follow through, and a routine in their daily schedule but room for thinking outside of the box, an outlet for them to vent their immense amount of energy, and a channel for them to create whether through music, dance, art, creative writing, etc.

As I mentioned before Indigo's are highly sensitive beings. They tend to have many allergies or asthma and develop skin irritations such as rashes and eczema. Food sensitivities may be prevalent as well to such ingredients as dyes, sugar, processed food, wheat, gluten, and caseins. They also tend to be very emotional and can easily get their feelings hurt. Since they are so empathic they have a tendency to absorb the energy of others and take on their mood and attitude.

I don't believe in labeling anyone or placing more or less importance on anyone or anything. The consciousness of our planet is shifting and therefore the souls that have elected to come here have a higher consciousness whether you call them Indigo or otherwise, since there are many lineages with slightly varying attributes and characteristics but with the life purpose of raising awareness in one way or another.

 Those of past generations have had to work on themselves to release old thought forms, patterns and ways of doing things, which were passed down to them through their family, ancestors, and society. The children and young adults of today already have a higher understanding of how to make this planet a better place. We have to release the old ways in order to conceive of and implement true and lasting changes in our world. The Indigo's have come to guide us into a new way of being but first we need to properly and effectively raise and educate them.

About the Author: Stefanie Miller is a teacher, energy healer, spiritual counselor and an intuitive channeled writer. She has been been assisting those on their spiritual path through her healing sessions, intuitive readings, workshops and her channeled writing since 1998. Stefanie guides individuals toward achieving self mastery by connecting with their Higher Self, Angels, Guides, and Source through a heart centered approach focusing on mindfulness and conscious living. Published with permission. Articles written by Stephanie were published with the author's explicit written permission.