Empathetic Sensitive Cancer


​It is in the sign of Cancer the Crab that we first come in contact with the enigmatic water signs, each holding their own mystery. There is something so comforting about this sign and yet so unknowable. We are both soothed and perplexed. Who are these people really? And why are we so drawn to them?

If it’s any consolation, Cancers themselves ask similar questions. Mainly, who am I, and why do I feel this way. While the other elements we have touched upon are more separate in their nature, water is connective and highly relational on a visceral level. 

Water takes on the shape of its container touching each surface, each nook and cranny. There is an experience of complete emergence when dealing with this sign as well as the other water signs.

To understand Cancer we must look at its zodiac symbol, the Crab. The Crab lives in the most fertile place on earth, the interface between the land and the sea. Rich with minerals, food and life it is also one of the most changeable places on earth, in a constant state of flux as the tides move in and move out. As so this is reflected in the sign of Cancer. 

Part of the time you can depend on them, they are there for you, the salt of the earth and then they disappear into the great mystery that is the emotional sea they hold within them. ​

Cancers wax and wane just like the tide. Yet they are as regular as the tides, so they are never gone for long, you can depend on them to come back to you, refreshed and ready to fix you that warm cup of cocoa and their world famous shortbread cookies.

Cancers are sensitive with a capital S. They don’t always understand their own feelings, and because they are empathetic they also take on the feelings of others. That’s a lot of feelings to muddle through. So of course they would need that time to go off by themselves and figure it out. Once they do however, they come back out of their shell to feel another day.

And what about this ‘clingy’ label that floats around when people speak of Cancers? Well first of all, Cancer’s prefer the word tenacity to clinginess. This tenacity is also part of needing to hold on to something long enough to digest its meaning. Like a crab at the ocean’s edge, once they have a piece of food (symbolic of something or someone they love) they would rather loose an arm than let go. It’s survival after all. 

The best way to assure that you don’t get pinched in their claws is not to give them any reason to doubt your feelings. They love truly and deeply and would lose an arm to protect you. So don’t get involved if you’re looking for something superficial, because in the world of the Crab, there is no such thing. 

So taking into consideration their nature Cancers can be the most loving of signs. Let them have their alone time.

Hand them a hanky when they have to dry their tears, which will be often.  And don’t assume the tears are about you, they’ll let you know eventually. More than likely if you are kind to them it isn’t you. And hug them…a lot. They need physical contact to know they are loved. Oh and don’t confront them face to face, Cancers hate that more than anything. They will sidle away from you so fast you’ll think they were abducted by aliens.    

They may seem like a lot of effort at times, but rest assured that Cancers are precious and as true blue as they come.

About the Author: Dr. Victoria Scerbo graduated New York Chiropractic College in 1987. She began private practice in Massachusetts in 1991.  She opened The Seeds of Transformation Healing Center in Wareham, in April of 2009. Dr. Scerbo practices Chiropractic, Craniosacral Therapy and Astrology at her Center. She brings a unique blend of Evolutionary, or Soul Centered Astrology and The Kabbalistic Tree of Life to her readings. Articles written by Dr. Victoria Scerbo were published on Awakening People with her explicit written permission