Select An Object To Find Out Which Areas Of Opportunity Will Be Opening Up For You


It is tradition for many of us to set goals for ourselves in the beginning of the year. Some of us have an idea of what area we would like to focus on and there are some of us that aren't quite sure what to set in motion and or how to go about obtaining these goals. If you would like either a little assistance in deciding where to focus your energy and or to confirm your intentions, select one door to find out which area you will see a dramatic shift in.


Finances - You will be experiencing opportunities for long lasting financial security this year. There may be changes in your career and how you receive your abundance. There may be a promotion, raise and or change in your job. Be sure to think things through before walking through new doors. This year you will also be presented new ways of investing your money for your future. It is a year of slow and steady progress when it comes to reducing debt and being in the "black" when it comes to your finances. Slow and steady will bring you long lasting financial security as well as passive steams of income.


Relationships - Self/Family/Significant Other - This year there will be cleansing, releasing and healing of all of your relationships. The first one that you will notice is the healing of self. There will be no turning away from personal growth this year. Your obstacles, fears, anxieties and unhealthy patterns will be brought to your attention for you to work through. As you work on yourself, you will notice all of the external relationships in your life improve dramatically. There will be more harmony, peace in all your relations than ever.


Health - It is the year to get in the best shape of your life. When we are in excellent health, our minds are clear, we have tons of energy, we are mobile and able to enjoy the wonderful perks of having a physical body. Some of these perks are; being able to take a walk outside in nature, riding our bicycle with our children, being intimate with our partner, and going for a swim in a lake and or ocean. When we do not feel well, our lives are limited. If you have ever been compromised because of health reasons, you know how important a healthy body is. This year, treat your body as a temple and really listen to it. Taking care of your body today will help ensure a longer and healthier future with limited physical restrictions. 

About the Author: For the past 20 years Laurie Barraco has worked on her spiritual side by studying with many Master Teachers, such as Sonia Choquette and John Holland. Laurie opened The Mystical Moon in December 2007. Laurie is an intuitive channel and can access information from your spirit guides and angels to help you move through whatever challenges life has presented before you. Private Sessions are available at by appointment. Follow her on Facebook. This article was shared with the author's explicit written permission.