18 Astrological Traits of Pisces

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​​Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac and as the last sign, it is considered the most highly evolved. Pisces has a naturally strong connection to universal truths. Being the last sign, Pisces contains small traits from all the other signs in the zodiac. 

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. People ruled by Neptune are deeply spiritual, emotional, and dreamers.

The symbol for Pisces is the Fish and they are the only water sign that doesn't have a shell. When they are bothered they withdraw mentally into their imagination. 

18 Astrological Traits of Pisces:

  1. Least selfish sign in the Zodiac.

  2. They are visionaries.

  3. Psychic ability to plug into the consciousness of humanity.

  4. Do not have strong boundaries.

  5. Like to escape the harsh reality of life.

  6. Are attracted to Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio.

  7. Enjoy their private dream world.

  8. Natural Empaths.

  9. Need lots of reassurance.

  10. Sentimental, kind, and tender emotions.

  11. Sensitive body areas: Feet, Toes, Lymphatic System.

  12. Natural born healers.

  13. Extremely optimistic.

  14. Can be prone to moodiness.

  15. Extremely patient but surprisingly abrasive if provoked.

  16. Not easily influenced.

  17. Possess huge amounts of humor, charm, and compassion.

  18. Are least attracted to Aries, Gemini, Leo.


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