18 Astrological Traits of Gemini


​​Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac and represents accelerated thought and the ability to hold an effortless conversation. Their lightning-quick minds and mental dexterity allows them to see all sides of an issue with mental clarity.  

Gemini is Ruled by the planet Mercury. As the winged messenger of the Gods, Mercury was known for delivering messages with record setting speeds. Because of this Geminis have the need for speed. They are attracted to any activity that brings them a surge of adrenaline. 

The Symbol for Gemini is the Twins. The Twins personify the incarnation of duality. Existing within Gemini are two different sets of personalities, opinions, and values.

​18 Astrological Traits of Gemini:

  1. Love to use their hands when talking.

  2. Masters at multitasking (twin).

  3. Life lesson is...you can't analyze love with intellectual thinking.

  4. Quick witted, charming, life of the party.

  5. Multi-dimensional and multi-talented.

  6. Is attracted to Libra, Aquarius, Leo

  7. Dislikes being bored...very short attention span.

  8. Verbally gifted, can chat for hours.

  9. Not known for consistency.

  10. Is not attracted to Taurus, Cancer, Pisces

  11. Motto is: I Communicate.

  12. ​Sensitive body areas: lungs, arm, and nervous systems.

  13. Constant thirst for knowledge...the eternal student.

  14. Often has difficulty concentrating.

  15. Always on the move. There's that Mercury influence.

  16. Loves to flirt.

  17. Curious and likes to know everything.

  18. Enjoys participating in juicy gossip.