18  Astrological Traits Of Aries

By Awakening People


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and their symbol is the Ram. Do to their active and energetic nature they prefer to be the first to start and the first to finish. They are willing to butt heads with anyone standing in their way. Aries is one of the three (Leo, Sagittarius) fire signs in the zodiac which means they are self-starters, enthusiastic, passionate and in charge.

18 Astrological Traits Of Aries:

1. Possess a child-like innocence.

2. Does not like waiting.

3. Is not big on second chances.

4. Will butt heads with you if you stand in their way.

5. Has little patience for moodiness.

6. Is adventurous and a risk taker.

7. Has no worries about money.

8. Expect devotion.

9. Easily moves on and starts over.

10. Can be self-centered.

11. Is a high spirited natural leader.

12. Gets easily bored with details.

13. Will not seek approval.

14. Is attracted to high energy positive people.

15. Dislikes feeling restricted.

16. Is brave and courageous.

17. Is prone to headaches and toothaches.

18. Enjoys instant gratification.